Gallery of Previously Sold Painted Decor
Here you'll find just a few pictures of some of my past work that I've painted
over the years.  Most were for customers with the exception of the pig and
the cow mailboxes which were gifts for my family members.  Enjoy!!    
Autumn Wreath Mailbox
Bunny Love Shelf
Climbing Roses Birdbath
Common Threads Sign
Geranium Mailbox
Grapes and Floral Mailbox
Happy Frog Watering Can
Hydrangeas Tray
Lil' Pig in the Garden
Lil' Swinging Bear Stool
Lil' Swinging Bear Stool - Closeup
Luv Cows
Ritchers Wedding Mailbox
Ring of Blossoms Mailbox
Rustic Daiisis and Strawberry Watering Can
Rustic Yellow Daisies Milk Can
Let It Snow Snowman Bucket
Soft Roses and Crackle Pitcher
Wisteria and Daisies/Ribbon Welcome Sign
Wisteria and Butterfly Planter
Yellow Stripes and Roses Mailbox
Roses and Ribbon Chair
Chilly Charlie Christmas Jar
Falling Snow Snowman Christmas Jar
Let's Hang the Lights Snowman Christmas Jar
Let's Trim a Tree Christmas Jar
Shabby Chic Trio
Lilacs & Roses Birdhouse
Roses & Hydrangea Waste Basket
Koi Fish Watering Can
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Birdouse with Morning Glories Mailbox
Burgundy Roses and Ribbon Mailbox
Fishing Bass Mailbox
Hand Painted Rooster Mailbox
Rose Wreath Mailbox
Victorian Birdhouse with Roses Mailbox
Western Mailbox
Window Flowerbox Mailbox
Wisteria and Daisies on Rustic Mailbox
Cream Roses on Antique Crackle Mailbox
HP Sunflower Key Cabinet
Large Shabby Chic Desk Organizer with Hand Painted Roses
Cream Roses Cabinet
Shabby Chic Roses Decorative Tray
Shabby Chest with HP Pink Roses
Shabby Chic Cabinet with HP Roses
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Vintage Storage Chest with Hand Painted Roses